W.S.S.C.C Trophy List 2018-2019

Production Saloons:
Heats: Peter Cradock 63H
1st Overall: Peter Cradock 63H
Feature: Peter Cradock 63H
2nd Overall: Vaughan Gliden 6H
3rd Overall: Wayne Warrender 2NZ
Fastest Lap: Wayne Warrender 2NZ
Most Improved: Korina Martin 8H

Heats: Reece Clements 25H
1st Overall: Reece Clements 25H
Feature: Cameron Roigard 8H
2nd Overall: Cameron Roigard 8H
3rd Overall: Ben Mullane 78H

Heats: Kyle Hickford 49H
2nd Overall: Kyle Hickford 49H
Most Improved: Kyle Hickford 49H
3rd Overall: Cameron Taylor 56H
Rookie of the Year: Micheal Rowe 67H
1st Overall: Brett Aikin 27H
Feature: Brett Aikin 27H

Superstocks: 2018/2019
Feature: Aidan Eustace 97H
Heats: Aidan Eustace 97H
1st Overall: Aidan Eustace 97H
2nd Overall: Aaron Alderton 218H
3rd Overall: Shay Hambling 6H
Most Improved: Shay Hambling 6H
Best Presented: Tyson Wootton 717H

Modified: 2018/2019
Heats: Bradley Lane 119H
1st Overall: Bradley Lane 119H
Feature: Bradley Lane 119H
2nd Overall: Syd Ferguson 193H
3rd Overall: Paul Hodgson 4H
Most Improved: Barry Hunter 53H

Club Trophies:
Presidents Trophy: Ryan Marshall
Personality of the Year: Brad Philpott
Jake Pulman Memorial: Hailey Graham
Competitor of the Year:
Wayne Warrender 2NZ 14H

Outstanding Achiever: Ryan Marshall 15H
His results this season are: NZ Ministock Team Captain
1st Waikato Champs, 1st Future of Speedway ,1st West Coast Champs
1st North vs South Ministock Challenge at Huntly
1st – NZ vs Australia Ministock Challenge at Huntly Speedway
2nd Gisborne 100, 2nd Wellington Boys Invitational
3rd Manawatu Champs,3rd Best Pairs Huntly – North vs South Meeting
MIP Qualified top group – Tubby Norris Group. Finished 8th overall
Dick of the Year: Max McLaren
Put up signs down by KFC and got stuck, Red had to get the digger to get him out.

Hard Luck Award:
Craig Martin
Well what can you say about this Driver and all his bad luck, there is too much to list. And he definitely ticks all the boxes and more for this award.

Stirrer of the year: Hutch Put back on the wall.
Justin Hutchby (Voted by his peers)

Waikato Wanderers:
2018- 2019
Team Member

4H Shaun McKenzie
7H Dave Moore
41H Malcolm Read
45G Nick Vallance
97H Aidan Eustace
218H Aaron Alderton
422H Blair Ashton
717H Tyson Wootton
6th Drivers:
Anthony Brown
Dylan Marshall
Scott Redfern

Glen Drabble
Judith Drabble

Waikato Raiders:
2018- 2019
Team Member
Larry Henderson
Brad Philpott
Hadley Dixon
Barry Rhodes
Clinton Cheetham
Nevin Shrubb
Hayden Hepworth

Lance Moore

Raider of the Year:
Clinton Cheetham

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