PlaceMakers Huntly and Te Rapa Stockcar and Superstock Teams Invitational 

Stockcar Teams

Rotorua Rascals
353R Steve Gray
385R Callum Flavell
535R Robbie Morris
583R Sheldon Arapere
835R Micheal Rumney
Manager Tony Gallacher

Central Metals Waikato Raiders

7H Dave Moore
8H Larry Henderson
15H Hadley Dixon
24H Brad Philpott
46H Barry Rhodes
Manager Lance Moore

Auckland Alleycats
32A Brad Wearing
45A Corey Baker
66A Hayden Hart
95A Gary Lonergan
735A Keegan Orr
Manager Geoff Cooke

Stratford Stormers
3NZ Haydin Barker
32S Mark Duthie
33S Tyler Walker
47S Damian Hiestand
517S Mark Woods
Manager John Booker

Meeanee Maulers
81B Brandon Symes
82B Brett Loveridge
83B Andre Stenson
84B Cameron Swift
85B Regan Penn
Manager Andrew Powell

Wellington Young Guns
51W Bryce Jensen
52W Hayden Thomas
53W Taylor Lampp
54W Brendon Tye
57W Josh Kahui
Managers Josh Prentice/Dennis Jeffries

Superstock Teams

Waikato Wanderers

9H Anthony Brown
97H Aidan Eustace
218H Aaron Alderton
717H Tyson Wootton
Manager Glen Drabble

Baypark Busters

19M Kerry Remnant (Captain)
25M Scott McEwen
41M Bruce Williams
87M David Elsworth
98M Mark Costello
Manger Ross Ashby

Stratford Scrappers

23S Andrew Lewis
26S Mitch Vickery
53S Blair Johnson
75S Carl Shearer
82S Hamish Booker
Manager Andrew Lewis

Rotorua Rebels

37R Ken Hunter
65R Jeremy Sinclair
118R Bryce Steiner
138R Russell Hunter
336R Barry Hunter Jnr
Manager Carlo

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