Production Saloons:2017/2018

Heats: Wayne Warrender 14H
1st Overall: Wayne Warrender 14H
Feature: Wayne Warrender 14H

2nd Overall: Peter Cradock 63H

3rd Overall: Annmaree Warrender 11H
Fastest Lap:
Annmaree Warrender 11H 17.8442

Most Improved: Chris Marks 15H

Saloons: 2017/2018

Heats: Geoff Webb 166H
1st Overall: Geoff Webb 166H
Best Presented: Geoff Webb 166H

Feature: Reece Clements 25H
2nd Overall: Reece Clements 25H

3rd Overall: Stefan Roigard 86H

Most Improved: Ben Mullane 78H

Stockcars: 2017/2018

Heats: Nevin Shrubb 87H
2nd Overall: Nevin Shrubb 87H
Most Improved: Nevin Shrubb 87H

3rd Overall: Ali Van Amsterdam 51H

Feature: Hayden Hepworth 922H
Rookie of the Year: Hayden Hepworth 922H

1st Overall: Brett Aikin 27H

Minisprints: 2017/2018

Most Improved:
21H Matt Stone
Hard Luck:
12H Thomas Zein

Superstocks: 2017/2018

Feature: Aaron Alderton 218H
Heats: Tyson Wootton 717H
1st Overall: Tyson Wootton 717H
2nd Overall: Greg Mitchell 316H
3rd Overall: Scott Redfern 96H

Most Improved: Dylan Marshall 57H
Best Presented: Dylan Marshall 57H

Modified: 2017/2018

Heats: Bradley Lane 119H
1st Overall: Bradley Lane 119H
Feature: Bradley Lane 119H

2nd Overall: Paul Hodgson 4H

3rd Overall: Mike Harrison 78H
Most Improved: Mike Harrison 78H

Club Trophies:

Presidents Trophy:
Carolyn & Bevan Marshall

Personality of the Year:
Geoff Webb

Jake Pulman Memorial:
Tina Attenbourgh & Colleen Andrews

Competitor of the Year:
Dave Moore 7H

Outstanding Achiever:
Cameron Roigard 89H

Dick of the Year:
Chris Marks 15H

Hard Luck Award:
Les Hepworth 22H

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