By Allan Powell

Finally the weather god`s are playing their part with humid hot weather at Huntly and Te Rapa PlaceMakers Speedway. The cool winds of the previous meeting has now stopped making for a great night for racing. On this double header night was the Raceworks Waikato Modified championship and the annual Midget 40 Lapper. Two good fields for both classes and you would be hoping for a great nights racing. On a very tacky and drivey track the heats settled down into a good pattern for the night.
Heat one for the Modifieds with only nine cars racing was still tight at the front end with 193H Syd Ferguson taking the early lead which Ferguson held till the finish for 4H Paul Hobson and a fast finishing 119H Brad Lane after a early racing incident and making it back up to third. Heat two and this time 3NZ Jamie Fox was on fire with setting a new modified lap record of 13.4267 previously held by Lane back in April. Fox took the win from Lane then 18R Paul Fergusson..
The Modified feature and final dash for Modifieds on the night had Lane and Fox as this would be a drag race for the older and younger driver. Lane got the jump on Fox and never got passed for the lead to the finish 20 laps later. Lane had a impressive drive and was actually driving away from Fox. This meant Brad Lane is your new 2017 Raceworks Waikato Modified champion with 2nd Fox and Paul Hobson home for as creditable 3rd placing.


Second of the double headers on the night was the Midget 40 lap Spectacular race. 2 groups of 10 cars with 2 heats would fight it out for overall points and a grid position in the final. Six drivers had pulled out days before, but this didn’t deter the field as it was still full of top drivers. Group one was won by 1NZ Michael Pickens fresh back from racing at the Turkey Night Grand Prix in the USA, but Pickens had to pass 21A Carl Worboys on the way for the win with 9H Michael Brunt in 3rd. Group 1 heat two had a reversal of placings from heat one with this time won by 95S Duane Hickman, 2nd 12A Michael Morrison and 3rd 93A Kayne Buck. Worboys and Pickens were further down the placings.
Group 2 heat one was again full of class drivers with this heat won by 9USA Zach Dahm, 2nd 31A Daniel Thomas defending 40 Lap winner and 3rd 96A Chris McCutcheon. Heat two was again after a impressive drive from Zach Dahm and in 2nd 33A James Cossey, 3rd Chris McCutcheon. Now it was time for the 40 lap final. Michael Pickens didn’t make it out with car motor issues and Daniel Thomas started but lasted half a lap with drive train issues. The track look good with a pole line drive or a up high line as it was a drivers choice where you wanted to race. McCutcheon and Dahm on the front row and this would be a battle. McCutcheon had the early lead from Dahm and Hickman. 81S Michael Kendall was also in the hunt till a left rear started to go flat on lap 18. A couple of cautions to racing spins, rollover and hitting the wall around lap 22. From here on it was a blast to the finish with McCutcheon, Dahm, Worboys and Brunt. McCutcheon and Dahm had a slight wheel rub on lap 25 with McCutcheon going to the infield with a tyre going flat giving the lead to Dahm. On the way to the finish on a fast and smooth track Dahm set a new Midget lap record of 13.1002 seconds and that’s pretty fast. Worboys tyres were going off which enabled Brunt to past Worboys at the chequered flag for second. So your new 2017 midget 40 lap winner is Zach Dahm from USA then Michael Brunt and 3rd Carl Worboys.
Support classes on the night were Saloons, TQ midgets and Production Saloons.

For photos from the event, head here: Shot360 Photography – Midget 40 Lapper


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