Production Saloons: 2016/2017

Heats: Peter Cradock 63H
1st Overall: Peter Cradock 63H
Feature: Peter Cradock 63H
2nd Overall: Annmaree Warrender 14H
3rd Overall: Brad Philpott 24H
Most Improved: Chantelle Huisman 82H
Fastest Lap: Larry Bingham 10H 17.8842

Saloons: 2016/2017

Heats: Geoff Webb 166H
1st Overall: Geoff Webb 166H
Feature: Geoff Webb 166H
2nd Overall: Stefan Roigard 86H
3rd Overall: Ryan Burley 33H
Most Improved: Craig Marsh 66H
Best Presented: Chris Johnson 8H

Stockcars: 2016/2017

Heats: Sam Van Amsterdam 52H
1st Overall: Sam Van Amsterdam 52H
2nd Overall: Cody Webster 616H
Feature: Brett Aikin 27H
3rd Overall: Brett Aikin 27H
Most Improved: Jamie Woods 68H
Rookie of the Year: Jamie Wood 68H

Minisprints: 2016/2017

Heats: Regan Marceau 77H
1st Overall: Regan Marceau 77H
Feature: Ben Vaughan 57H
2nd Overall: Ben Vaughan 57H
3rd Overall: Matt Stone 21H
Most Improved: Jono Martin 23H
Hard Luck: Regan Marceau 77H – Two major wrecks before Champs

Superstocks: 2016/2017
Heats: Scott Redfern 96H
Feature: Scott Redfern 96H
1st Overall: Scott Redfern 96H
2nd Overall: Jared Wade 85H
3rd Overall: Tony Wootton 71H
Most Improved:
Jaime Marshall-Carter 157H
Best Presented: Jared Wade 85H

Modified: 2016/2017
Heats: Bradley Lane 119H
1st Overall: Bradley Lane 119H
Feature: Syd Ferguson 193H
2nd Overall: Syd Ferguson 193H
3rd Overall: Paul Hobson 4H
Most Improved: Syd Ferguson 193H

Ministock Trophies
Best Presented: Jayden Dreadon
Hard Luck: Shania Boldero
Best Attitude: Aidin Aiken
Speed Fiend: Ryan Marshall
Buttons and Bows: Jordyn Clarkson
Most Spectacular Incident:
Stuart Henderson
Personality of The Pits: Dylan Ashton
Crew of The Year: Colin & Ange Henderson
Most Improved Driver: Dion Henderson
Positive Parent: Carolyn & Bevan Marshall
Rookie of The Year: Chase Donaldson
Female Highest Achiever: Renee O’Hearn
Services to Speedway: Dylan Marshall
Reps Choice: Ryan Marshall
Mentor Choice: Coeghan Van Leishout
Improvement in Confidence: Imogen Whitaker
Sportsperson of The Year: Dylan Marshall
Driver of the Year: Luke Fenton
Future of Speedway sponsored driver:
Chase Donaldson
Heats 1st Luke Fenton 21H
Heats 2nd Ryan Marshall 15H
Heats 3rd Connor Van Lieshout 5H

Features 1st Luke Fenton 21H
Features 2nd Ryan Marshall 15H
Features 3rd Connor Van Lieshout 5H

Overall 1st Luke Fenton 21H
Overall 2nd Ryan Marshall 15H
Overall 3rd Connor Van Lieshout 5H

Club Trophies:
Presidents Trophy: Allan Powell
Personality of the Year: Mark Goodson
Jake Pulman Memorial: Barry Hammond
Competitor of the Year: Dave Moore 7H
George Hazelton winner
Waikato champ winner
2nd in the Harry Frederickson Gold Cup
6 podiums at championship meetings
Outstanding Achiever:
Bradley Lane 119H
5th NZ Modified champs after crashing and coming from the back,
1st Modified Invasion (Woodford Glen Speedway)
Won the Phil Patterson memorial trophy
3rd NZ Grand Prix
2nd King of the park
Broke the lap record at Huntly speedway more than once (His Dad’s record held for 11 years only after an OUTSTANDING NEW TRACK was laid )
Ben Vaughan 57H
7th NZ Minisprints Champs
3rd NZ Minisprint GP
3rd NI Minisprint Champs
3rd Waikato Minisprint Champs
Dick of the Year: Red Wootton
Hard Luck Award: Nigel Hazelton 54H

Raider of the year: Tyson Wootton

Waikato Raiders:
2016- 2017
Team Member

Tyson Wootton
Cody Webster
Rhys Beamount
Mark Caldwell
Malcolm Read
Nigel Hazelton
Sam Van Amsterdam
Ali Van Amsterdam
Larry Henderson
Dave Moore
Justin Hutchby

Kevin Ngakai
Helen Ngakai

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